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BPSC Swimmers Attend Swim England Talent Camp

BPSC Swimmers Attend Swim England Talent Camp

Please join us in congratulating Ella Turner and Emily Cooper, who today are attending a Swim England Talent Camp in Ipswich.

There are a few different phases of the talent camps, all of which are detailed in the booklet to the left.  (Click on the image to open the pdf.)

The aim of the program is to identify, develop and nurture the best swimmers in England, by creating a world leading talent system, the ultimate goal being international podium success.

Ella and Emily have been successful in reaching the Regional Phase of the program.  This phase has a very limited 36 maximum swimmers, 18 male and 18 female, so to be selected is a fantastic achievement.

Really well done girls, We hope you’re enjoying the incredible experience, but we also hope you’re paying attention!  😉

We also hope that all of our swimmers will look at your success and use it as inspiration for their own training and achievements to come in this wonderful sport.